Made from the highest quality Ethiopian beeswax, Maré Naturals products are all natural and healthy for both home and body
Maré Naturals Products
Maré Naturals products are made from the highest quality Ethiopian beeswax, are all natural and healthy for both home and body. Following Ebise's philosophy of clean living, Maré uses only natural ingredients in all of its products and never adds any chemicals, additives, or fillers. All ingredients are listed on the labels so you always know what you're getting. Maré's policy is if you can't pronounce it, we don’t use it.
Lavender Body Butter: 2 oz
This best-seller is guaranteed to leave your skin soft and healthy. Our body butter is made with ingredients you know (and can pronounce!) including coco butter, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, and not to mention our organic beeswax from Ethiopia. The body butter does not include any fillers or additives. The body butter is super-concentrated and a little goes a long way!
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Lemon Candle
Bring some sunshine into your home with Maré's beeswax candle. Made with beeswax and essential oil, this candle purifies the air and leaves a subtle scent.
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Mint Coffee Scrub: 4 oz
An all natural scrub to wash away dry winter skin. This scrub is one part exfoliating, moisturizing, and energizing. The natural scrub is made with sugar, honey, almond oil, and coffee.
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Peppermint Milk and Honey Cleansing Bar
Perfect for morning uses, this energizing cold process cleaning bar has an energizing peppermint scent that will keep your skin moisturized all day. The handmade cleansing bar is all natural and made with raw honey from Ethiopia.
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